In our quest of immortalised art, every element is crucial. We are proud to introduce our two chosen papers whose key properties are that they are Acid-Free, have a pure 100% Cotton Base (as opposed to a Wood-Pulp base) and contains no optical brighteners. These papers are amongst the finest made and we are proud to introduce the Ilford Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm and Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm that promise to uphold the integrity of your artwork. This ensures that each print remains as vibrant and meaningful as the day it was created for generations to come.

The introduction of the Epson SureColor P9500 has marked a new era in fine art digital printing. While the long-term results on these papers are yet to be chronicled, the printer’s use of the renowned UltraChrome K3 Pigment ink – known for its colour fidelity and durability – suggests that the longevity of the prints will meet, if not exceed, the high standards set by its predecessors. The synergy between the meticulous ink formulation and the esteemed quality of the paper assures that our fine art prints stand the test of time.

The true essence of original paintings is captured spectacularly on these papers, as they eloquently translate every hue and nuance. The textural fidelity and colour richness promise a print that mirrors the artist’s original vision and emotion. However, the journey doesn’t end with printing; protecting these masterpieces is paramount.

For the ultimate preservation, we recommend professional glazing with non-reflective materials. The correct UV glass or acrylic is crucial, not only for safeguarding the print from environmental factors but also for enhancing the viewing experience. Non-reflective glazing minimizes distractions, allowing the viewer to engage with the artwork without interference from light or reflections.

Entrusting your print to a qualified framer ensures that it is cocooned within the best protective measures. It is an investment in the artwork’s longevity and aesthetic value. By choosing professional framing services, you guarantee that your print is displayed and preserved following the highest standards.

In closing, our choice to use Ilford Textured Cotton 310gsm or Canson Edition Etching 310 paper, printed with the revolutionary Epson SureColor P9500, is a commitment to excellence. It is a declaration that the art you will possess, cherish, and display deserves nothing less than to be preserved in its full glory, for today, tomorrow, and the ages to come.

All Limited edition fine art prints are custom printed to order, rolled and shipped with a certificate of authenticity in a toughened tube. The print is supplied unframed. All framed art prints shown on the website or on our catalogue is for illustration purposes only.

EAGUSI Limited reserve the right to change papers and the use of specialist printing equipment subject to changing technical and market conditions, without further notice.