Michael Kinsella

About The Artist

Michael Kinsella, born in 1942 on the east coast of Ireland, is a self-taught abstract expressionist artist. Initially pursuing painting as a hobby in the late 90s, Kinsella’s passion and dedication have propelled him into the forefront of the art world.

Kinsella’s artistic vision is a fusion of his experience and creativity. He primarily works with oils on canvas and paper, skilfully combining abstract expressionism with a subtle touch of colour field techniques. This unique blend allows him to convey profound emotions and narratives that intrigue and engage viewers.

Kinsella’s creative process can be described as a “stream of consciousness” and “direct mark making.” His artistic vision and ideas flow freely from his mind onto the canvas, resulting in fluid and dynamic compositions. Through this direct transfer of thoughts and emotions, Kinsella creates artwork that captures the essence of his inner world.

Under the recent tutelage of eminent Irish artist Eoin Llewellyn at East Coast Art Studio, Kinsella’s emergence onto the art scene has been swift and notable. Llewellyn’s guidance has provided Kinsella with a new perspective and refined techniques that have further enriched his artistry. This mentorship has accelerated Kinsella’s growth as an artist, enabling him to explore new depths in his work and gain recognition within the art community.

Kinsella’s art style resonates with exceptional painters such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Hilma A F Klint and William de Kooning. His pieces engage in a dialogue with the vibrancy, depth, and emotional resonance characteristic of these celebrated artists’ works. Through his bold brushwork, dynamic compositions, and biomorphic primal forms, Kinsella captivates audiences and invites them into a world of paint and colour leading to introspection and imagination.


Michael Kinsella Original Oil Paintings

UNDERGROUND, 2023 (1-116)

UPSIDE DOWN, 2023 (1-115)

EXCLAMATION MARK, 2023 (1-114)

ALMOST TOUCHING, 2023 (1-113)

MEANDERING, 2023 (1-112)


PATHWAY, 2023 (1-110)

BUILDING BRIDGE, 2023 (1-109)